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Radio Shuttle


Shelving System

Long Span Shelving System

This system allows storage of heavy manual handling foods as it provides high visibility of goods and easy access for order picking. Shelf levels can be decked with plywood or galvanized steel sectional shelves. Loads per level ranges from 500kg to 1000kg depending on the length of each bay.

Multitier Long Span Shelving Storage System

This is a cost effective method of utilizing the height of a storage area. Very good for storing small parts as it can be systematically arranged to enhance efficiency during order picking, stock replenishment and stock checking. Accessibility with staircase with a loading area provided to facilitate movement of larger goods with lifting equipment.

Retail Shelving System

Island Gondola & End Gondola

Wall Gondola

Gondola With Wiremesh

Used Rack Malaysia,Gondola Supplier Malaysia

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